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    Celebrate with Cake Day

Cake Day is a novel way to celebrate birthdays and other life events.

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Save a trip to the store, skip the expensive paper card, and forget the post office!

  1. Customize your candles and card
  2. Send it over txt message, email, or Facebook
  3. They download the free app on their iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch and open up the cake!
  4. They see your message and cake, make a wish, and blow out the candles!


★ Beautiful 3D cake rendered in real-time
★ Write out a custom message on the card
★ Select numbered candles
★ Blow out the candles!
★ Link your Facebook account and get reminders for your friends’ birthdays

3 ways to send cakes!

★ Post to your friends Facebook wall!
★ Send it in a txt message!
★ Send it in an email!


For questions and help using Cake Day, check out our guide.