FishMoto coming soon to iPhone

FishMoto is part racing, part platformer, and part physics puzzle all wrapped in a fun, colorful package. You play as an electric catfish as you drive your motorbike through crazy levels to save other fishies trapped in plastic bags. I like to describe the physics as being ‘surreal’ — they allow for some crazy fun gameplay and some of the harder levels really make you think outside the box to get to the finish. For the more competitive players, you’ll enjoy competing on the Game Center leaderboards for the best times. I’ve had fun making this game over the past few months and I hope you’ll enjoy playing it!

P.S. I’m also holding a small contest where you can help come up with the name of the main character — there’s some modest prizes if I pick your name submission. :)

By : Justin /May 29, 2011 /Blog /Comments Off

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