3D Portfolio Pricing Change

NOTICE: This post is outdated — Update already came out on the iOS version. The in app purchase was removed from the iOS version and instead it will just be a paid app. If you had already downloaded the free version on iOS, you can update to the full version (you might have to delete and redownload) — enjoy!

Android will stay free with IAP to unlock full version — by the way, the in app purchase is a “managed item” which means it is tied to your account. If you delete the app or download the app on another Android device, you can recover the original purchase and unlock it — you’ll never pay for it more than once.

Original post:
Some big changes coming to the pricing model for 3D Portfolio. Right now this only concerns the iOS version, but I’ll be looking into possibilities for the Android version too. I know this sorta business talk isn’t fun but I want to be up front with everyone so there’s no surprises.

In the next update, 3D Portfolio will be paid ($2.99). If you’ve already downloaded it, you’ll be able to update for free and have the full version. The in app purchase will be removed.

Why is Android different? Android has a weird policy where you can’t change the price of an app if you release it for free. I don’t know why they do that. I’ll be looking into my options and keep you posted.

I’ll try to get this update out asap. Sorry for the confusion, but I figure it’s best to do this sooner than later. Thanks for your patience and all the feedback you’ve given so far.

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